Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge?

Unfortunately the answer to that is "it depends".  My rates vary depending on what I am doing, and are competitive with the market. 

Custom web and application development is generally done on a fixed-price contract basis.  Consulting and repair work is generally done on an hourly rate basis.

Prices are negotiable based on the amount of work being contemplated and relevant circumstances.

In any event we'll agree on terms before I do anything.

How do I know that you know what you're doing?

As with most contractors you have to talk to me and make up your own mind. You can Google me to confirm that I was a reasonably successful IT guy. I can give you a couple of references if you'd like.

Do you guarantee your work?

As you probably know computers can screw up in any number of mysterious ways, and any changes can have unintended side-effects. I'll do whatever it takes to fix your problems (with your approval of course), and ultimately you don't have to pay if you're not satisfied. I'll be reasonable and I expect you'll be the same.

Can you help me with <insert strange request here>?

Probably. Although I know a lot about a lot I don't know everything about everything. I'll be straight with you if what you want is outside of my expertise. I have no need to pretend to be something I'm not.

Why should I choose you over some other company I found on the web?

A few reasons:

  • One-stop shop for a wide variety of computing-related needs.
  • Reasonable rates.
  • Continuity of service (you always get the same guy, namely me).
  • Many years of proven personal experience.
  • Friendly, personable approach.
  • No high pressure sales.

Are you available on evenings and weekends?

Yes. Such is the joy of being semi-retired.